I can't find the artist I'm looking for. What do I do?!
While our setlist inventory is extensive, it is far from complete. Lesser known musicians or musicians just kicking off their tour tend to have fewer public setlists available.
How do I contribute setlist information for an artist?
One of our top resources that you can help contribute to is
Why am I only hearing samples of songs in the Rdio player?
In order to hear full versions of each song, you must be logged in with an Rdio account.
Why are playlists for my favorite DJs not appearing?
Artists from certain genres like Electronic or Dance tend to play songs that weren't originally recorded by them or have been heavily mixed/mashed-up. No worries though, we're working on some clever ways to bring you setlists for your favorite EDM artists.
I'm seeing some strange playlist/song results. What's up with that?
When we're not sitting in a dark room handcrafting each playlist individually, we have super-smart algorithms doing all the work for us. And hey, nobody's perfect. If you think there is a mistake or mismatch in one of your built playlists, shoot us a @reply on Twitter and let us know!
Why can't I use my favorite music streaming service on this site?
Due to the awesomeness of Rdio and its developer-friendly APIs, we decided to launch exclusively with it for the time being. We plan to add iTunes integration in addition to other music streaming services in the near future. In the meantime, you can still preview samples of every playlist using the embedded Rdio player on each page.
What do those banners that say "Archived" and "Fresh" mean?
When you see the words "Fresh" in the top left corner we are confident that the playlist we build will be a good primer for your upcoming show. If a playlist is deemed "Archived," the setlist was built with data from previous tours that isn't quite as up-to-date, but will still give you a good idea of what the upcoming show might sound like.
This is the best app in the world. I want to give you money and awesome feedback.
That's not even a question, but thank you. We really appreciate it. If you like (dare we say love?) SoundReady, then share it with your friends by clicking on the social buttons at the top of every page. And please feel free shoot us a @reply on Twitter with any cool ideas you might have for the site.