Don't be that awkward fan

No one wants to be that confused fan who has no idea what song is playing. Using an extensive archive of setlist information, SoundReady analyzes artist trends in order to create playlists that will match upcoming performances. But this aint some one trick pony:

  • Use SoundReady to listen to playlists that will get you pumped up for future shows.
  • Share your SoundReady playlists with musically ignorant friends who can now tag along.
  • Create SoundReady playlists to get an overall feel for a band, even if they're not on tour.

But how did we do it?

Great question! SoundReady was created and coded by @dannyhertz. Danny is a Software Engineer at Twitter and enjoys hacking on music related projects on the side. Danny's mother says he's one of the most talented and handsome boys she's ever met.

Along the way, Danny got a bunch of design help and inspiration from some awesome and talented friends. Much of the layout and logo were inspired and created by the one and only @ashsmash. You can find the rest of her amazing work at And of course, a big thanks goes out to @mdo for a bunch of help along the way. His brilliance can be found at

SoundReady also wouldn't be possible without the use of a bunch of great APIs. Check them out and support the heck out of 'em: